Preparing For The Return of The King

Pastor Gary Stafford

Omegaman Radio Host

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We're back!

After a brief hiatus, we've returned to power you through the new year.

2020 Episodes

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Episode #----  3/25/2020

No program

Episode #0000  3/18/2020

Host: Pastor Gary Stafford

"Are We Entering the End of Days?"

Understanding the times we're in; finding the good in what seems to be the worst.

Episode #7031  3/11/2020

Host: Pastor Gary Stafford

Guest: Reverand Donald Lee of God's Healing Stream

"What is the Meaning of Life? I Found the Answer"

Episode #7010  3/4/2020

Host: Pastor Gary Stafford

Guest: Eric Ross

"How God Guides Your Life"

Gaining God's perspective on how HE maneuvers through the people and situations in life.

Episode #6989  2/26/2020

Host: Pastor Gary Stafford

"Fishers of Men"

Episode #6969  2/19/2020

Host: Pastor Gary Stafford

"These Are The Beginning of Sorrows"

Why the world seems to be going crazy.  Finding peace understanding The Lord's promises.

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