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2018 Episodes

Older program episodes will soon be available through Omegaman's Vault. Stay tuned.
* To consider having Pastor Gary speak on your program, at a function or for a church service, please connect with him via e-mail at or through 'Contact' on the menu above.

2018 Episodes

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Episode 5929 12.19.18
Host Gary & Marilyn Stafford
"God So Loved the World---Jesus Came!"
Revealing God's gifts at Christmas time.
Episode 5898 12.12.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest: Pat Barrett
"Exposing & Ministering to the Root Issues of Deliverance"
Asking the right questions opens the right doors for deliverance.
Episode 5871 12.5.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest: Mark Barnes
"You Too Can Make a Difference"
God uses His missionary to bring down strongholds (in Brazil).
Episode 5845 11.28.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest: Pastor Justin Perry
"LORD, you raised me up"
A testimony of deliverance & direction as God's leader.
Episode 5817 11.14.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Don't Let Poor Judgement Delay Your Destiny"
Episode 5790 11.7.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Why Wait? - Come to Jesus Today"
The advantages of interacting with Christ in your everyday life.
Episode 5768 10.31.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest: Lisa Sniadecki
"By Faith Be His Ambassador at Home and in the World"
Acting out in faith brings His authority into every area of your life.
Episode #5739 10.24.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest: Eric Rote
"When God Knocks at Your Door"
God will work out the details when He instructs you to do something. Read more: Get Off the Bench  
Episode 5718 10.17.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest: Dean Braxton
"To Heaven and Back in 1 Hour & 45 Minutes"
What really happens when you die & return? Description of Heaven and what's in it.
Episode #5690 10.10.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest: Larry Byrd
"It's Time to Act or Lose Our Rights"
What you must know now that could change the direction of history.
Episode #5685 10.9.18
Host Gary Stafford for Rev. Joseph Cohen
Guest: Selima Stinson
"Overcoming Adversity & Reigning As a Child of God"
When what's coming against you feels stronger than you can bear.
Episode #5669 10.3.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Oh No - Why Did That Happen To Me?"
What are the things that cause this to happen?
Episode #5654 9.5.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest: Peter Panette
"Forgiveness - The Key to Healing"
Episode #5635 8.29.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Asking and Receiving In Faith"
Episode #5604 8.22.18
Host Gary Stafford
"The Last Great Awakening - Will You Be Ready?"
Enlisting & preparing for God's army.
Episode #5571 8.15.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Awesome Things God Wants You To Know"
God loves you unconditionally...what you need to hear right now.
Episode #5546 8.8.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Pat Barrett
"Upsetting Recurring Nightmares & Multiple Personalities"
Understanding the root of recurring nightmares. Recognizing multiple personalities in one person are real and more common than you think; revelation about what's at its root.  True stories told.
Episode #5521 8.1.18
Host Gary Stafford
"And Tell Them I Am Coming"
Will you be prepared and are you doing what He's asked you to do?
Episode #5516 7.31.18
Host Gary Stafford for Joe Cohen
"Don't Let Fear Cripple You"
Simple Steps to Overcoming Fear.
Episode #5497 7.25.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Les Thomas
"Overcoming the Challenges of Life."
Episode #5471 7.18.18
Host Gary Stafford with Marilyn Stafford
"The Bright Light - Oh My God It's His Glory!"
Let His light & glory set you free.
Episode #5446 6.13.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Wise Men Still Seek Him"
Keys to bring you freedom & understanding.
Episode #5419 6.6.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Your Intimacy With God - What Happened?"
The newfound benefits received in the intimacy of The Lord.
Episode #5397 5.30.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Pastor Joanes Rousseau
"We Make Our Plans, God Guides Our Steps"
Episode #5378 5.23.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Susan Weatherby
"Breaking the Ties That Bind"
Episode #5357 5.16.18
Host Gary Stafford
"To Love God, Comes With a Blessing"
Life and life more abundant - erasing the pain of past hurts.
Episode #5341 5.9.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Times of Disaster, Times of God's Grace"
Episode #5316 5.2.18
Host Gary Stafford
"I'm Ready For My Gift - Can I Have It Now?"
Episode #5294 4.25.18
Host Gary Stafford
"The Sign of the Times - Are You Prepared?"
Episode #5290 4.24.18
Host Gary Stafford (for Joe Cohen's program)
Guest Speaker: Pastor Patti Mariano
"I Really Can't Believe This is Happening"
God's Supernatural: Bones heal, spine mended, lives renewed
Episode #5270 4.18.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Michael Rood of The Rood Awakening
"The Creator's Name and His Calendar Revealed"
Episode #5245 4.11.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Barry Harmon
"God's Plan For Your Life Is Bigger Than You Think"
Episode #5220 4.4.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Traveling on the Road to Forgiveness"
Choose to forgive unconditionally - be set free.
Episode #5198 3.28.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Believe & Recieve what God has planned for You"
The things missing if you're not receiving from God.
Episode #5175 3.14.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Jerry DeFlorio
"The Supernatural Body Shop: Repairing & Restoring Souls"
Divine physical & emotional healing. Connecting with the Millenials at The Holy Smoke Hangout.
Episode #5154 3.7.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Pat Barrett
"Deliverance: God's Hand In Restoring Everyone"
How deliverance realistically provides a breakthrough in your life and relationships.
Episode #5134 2.28.18
Host Gary Stafford
"The Lord Speaks - 'Did You Learn How To Love?'"
You will not believe what God has planned for your life;
HE is the vine and you are the branches - revelation revealed.
Episode #5103 2.21.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Pastor Marvin Tennant
"What God Did For Me He Can Do For You"
Healing and a fresh word on the coming revival.
Episode #5077 2.14.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Bishop Roy Olsen
"Training Up God's People for a Mighty Harvest - Romania and Beyond"
God redirects one man to train up many halfway around the world.
Episode #5054 2.7.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Pastor Scot Ford
"Be A Harvester - The Fields Are Ready"
Divine intervention saves a man more than three times
Episode #5034 1.31.18
Host Gary Stafford
"I Can't Believe This is Happening!"
How God makes your impossibility possible.
Episode #5009 1.24.18
Host Gary Stafford
"Have You Lost Hope?  I Found It For You"
Simple steps to restore your hope.
Episode #4984 1.17.18
Host Gary Stafford
Guest Speaker: Pastor Tommy Bowers
"Walking In The Faith and Seeing Miracles"
Strengthening your faith, believe in His Power, and watch miracles happen.
Episode #4958 1.10.18
Host Gary Stafford
"The Lord is Waiting on Your Relationship With HIM"
There are many ways to achieve that relationship.
Episode #4951 1.9.18
Host Joe Cohen
Guest Speaker: Author Sharon Stafford
"SPIRITS: Recognizing How They Influence Your Life and Relationships"
Understanding when to stay and when to leave problematic relationships.  How to avoid strongholds in your life.
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